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1. High Intensity Interval Training (video 1) Scientifically proven to improve your health, these work outs can be only 4 minutes long up to 30 minutes long. The idea is to do a very intensive short interval and an even shorter recovery period. 2. Exercise more frequently. Another way to improve fitness is spreading out your exercise hours throughout the week. For instance, if you ride your bike 8 hours in a week on two different workouts, instead do four two-hour bike rides a week. 3. Do some core workouts. (video 2) Your core is what will keep you stable while working out. It is incredibly important, but sometimes it's neglected. Work on both your back and abdominal muscles equally while working out your core. 4. Mix up your go to exercise. If you generally like going for long runs, try to do some quick short runs instead. Additionally, if you like riding your bike on short quick work outs, try going at a slower pace for more miles. 5. Run/Bike into a headwind. It may be annoying to run or bike into a headwind, but if you really want to get fit it can really help you out. Heading into a headwind is like going up a hill or mountain. Double points for going up a hill into a headwind. 6. Use a fitness companion app. Fitness companion apps can usually track your run, bike ride, or swim. You can analyze how you are improving based on the data you receive and if there are social features it may push you to go a little bit harder to impress your friends. I use Strava, but a popular one is MapMyRun/MapMyRide. 7. Commute to work on a bike. Commuting to work is often faster, cheaper, and it allows you to work in a small amount of exercise into your daily routine. You may find that you have more energy during the day and your getting stronger quickly. 8. Set Goals Don't just set one large goal. Also, don't just set one small goal. Set a number of small, achievable goals that work toward a final large achievement in the future. You will find it much easier to achieve long term goals with a little bit of planning!
HIIT is your best bet no matter what you are training for. It takes a lot out of you though!
Great advice!