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After watching the Harry Potter movies, I noticed that too many of my friends were pretending to be wizards and witches. It was the thing to be… well in your imagination, at least. Also recently, the market has seen the rise of wearables. I mean it seems that there is a new wearable every single month. Combine these two trends (I know there are still secret wanna-be wizards..), and you will see why the Ring by Logbar is freaking cool! The Ring basically is an infrared/wi-fi device that allows you to control any device around you (as long as its connected to the Ring’s Hub) with your finger. With the Ring, you can turn off/on the lights, send texts, turn the music, even pay your bills! It basically makes your finger (please be careful about which finger…) your greatest tool, i.e. your wand! While the Ring is already on sale, there has been negative feedback about the product not working properly. As the technology of this device is new, though, it is expected that it has some bugs. Overall, though, it seems like an amazing idea and concept. Let us just hope that it really can make our secret wizarding fantasies true.
@Goyo you could use the ring to detect sign language and have it transcribed and sent to a device so you can read it or have it read out loud. It would be ideal for situations when there is no translator so the person can still communicate with others who don't know American sign language.
@TechAtHeart how do you envision it helping with sign language?
I totally would want to be a wizard! I personally hope they use this for sign language, I can see it working very well for communication.