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This is how I imagine myself when I think about what it will be like once I learn to tie flies. Once I learn to get out in the water and be one with nature in this way. This is what I like to imagine. Usually it's not this peaceful. But when we find a place like this one (located in Europe, it seems) we have to keep it clean, keep it quiet, and keep on loving it. When I imagine myself fly fishing, I want to imagine myself like this, even if @KawikaAfelin will probably tell me it's not going to be like this! How do you prefer to enjoy nature?
@suranimh Totally agree!
@KawikaAfelin man thars great to hear. I'm willing to start pushing myself farther if it means I can reach this!
Fishing alone can b exuberantly n therapeutic at d same time. D catch may take some time, but we r in no hurry. while waiting for d line, its d sight around us dat keep our sanity intact as we watch behold nature nutures us; teaches us with compassion. Your vid illustrates best. Cool.
@yakwithalan oh it can in fact be like this, just depends on how far off the beaten path you are willing to go. I've fished some places where it quiet and remote with no traces of other people and it's just you, the water and mother nature....
I'm game for this . I love times like this .