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Pdx boarders welcome! Sesh tomorrow at #ZooBomb 10am!
Tomorrow @joshferguson, Justin, and myself are goin to smash zoo bomb and anyone who wants to join us is encouraged! We are going to be at the top round 10 am! bring yo gear and let's shred some thayne!! pdx local
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sound fun but scary how fast my friends told me around 40ish is that correct?
3 years ago·Reply
@JoshCooper sounds tight. I wanna try it
3 years ago·Reply
There's a long straight stretch that's about 1/4 mi or 1/2 maybe that you can achieve 40 on but the 3 of us are a bit more freestyle. we like sliding and maybe one or two times we'll speed smash it. y ' all are welcome to join :) if you need more deets lmk
3 years ago·Reply
If I'm up north I'll hit you up. I'm down in the Rogue Valley but I got family up there
3 years ago·Reply
Sorry to disappoint but when we went we were way to involved in skating to photo anything and the photos we did get turned out crappy. next time folks!
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