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It's time for more tips for making your marriage last, joyfully! Here are my next five tips for keeping your long-term relationship strong, fresh and healthy: 21. Laughter therapy Take time to laugh together - whether it's with a funny movie, at a comedy club, or just telling a joke. Laughter is healthy for your body, brings up your mood and energy and enhances those feel-good chemicals in your brain. And, it's useful to get in the habit of taking a lighter view on things - for next time you're facing each other in frustration. 22. Respect each other's space A lot of the advice for relationships is about ways to get closer, but actually a good way to stay together is to respect each other's space. Every person needs some time in their life to be an individual. It's not healthy to be completely subsumed into someone else, whether it's a partner or a child. Give your partner some space to do their own thing once in a while, to spend time alone occasionally and reconstitute their individual self. You will probably find that if you do some things separately once in a while, you'll have more to talk about. Also, people want to see you more if you're always right on top of them. It makes them appreciate your presence all the more. Finally, individual space gives the other person a chance to work out any frustrations or tiredness before spending time with you - and trust me, that's a good thing. 23. Learn something new about your partner. One of the most exciting things about people is how much depth there is to them. Even when you have been with someone for years, you can always find out something new about them that you didn't know. It's partly because people continue to change and grow, even after you've joined your paths. Take time to learn new things about each other, either by asking directly or just by spending more time listening to them in conversation. It's crucial to keep getting to know them as they grow and change, or else you'll wake up one day wondering who the person is next to you! 24. Play games. Like laughter, games can be a great release of tension, frustration and just be a really fun time. Whether it's video games, board games or sports, take some time to engage in some *friendly* competition. Sometimes my partner and I play card games with friends in which we play as a team - and that definitely helps us bond! Don't get carried away, though - being too aggressively competitive can really backfire on you. 25. Looks aren't everything, but they're something. I would never recommend that people focus on looking good for their partner all the time. I've known women who are so afraid of not looking good that they get up early and put on makeup before their husbands wake up. That is definitely not me. On the other hand, I've come to realize that when you live with someone all the time, for a long time, you see them often at their slobbiest, sleepiest, sickest and grossest. Let's be honest - it can really take the passion out of the equation. So although my tendency is to just be "comfortable" to the max all the time when I'm around my partner, I've learned that I feel better myself when I take care of my appearance, even at home. It doesn't successfully happen all the time - and I'd like to point out that this is not just for women, guys - but I think it does help if we make a little more effort once in a while to look good, just like we did when we were dating. I'm not saying you need to be fancy all the time (there's a hilarious episode of the now-cancelled show Up All Night about this), but making a little more effort once in a while might not only keep the attraction alive, but also just make you feel better and more confident. I always feel more ready to tackle the day (or night) when I'm more put-together. I hope those tips help! Here are the previous ones: Tips 1-5: http://www.vingle.net/posts/636426 Tips 6-10: http://www.vingle.net/posts/643019 Tips 11-15: http://www.vingle.net/posts/650978 Tips 16-20: http://www.vingle.net/posts/658292
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We always do an alone thing before we do something together in the evenings...it really helps us to decompress before together time, and gives us a chance to enjoy hobbies we don't share. Great tips!