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I am 27 years old now, and am still paying installments to my school… At least, they gave me a great paper that I can hang somewhere in my tiny apartment lol Anyone here share this sentiment?
@Spudsy2061 its rough man. other countries basically bend over backwards to try to force education down people's throats, but we make people choose between being educated and broke or uneducated and being broke...
@spudsy2061 well, where someone works and what they studied, to me, at least, do not really need to go hand in hand. I think what I would like to see is a study on how many people take jobs they dont want because they feel that they need to pay their student bills. That kind of study would really open some eyes, I think.
ditto! for some reason this reminded me of the movie dead president.. "they gonna burn all that good money"
@Goyo A very good point.
@Goyo Yeah you just gotta do and make do I guess. Price ceilings are in place in England and it's much better there (though still can be very expensive). It a mix of reducing costs (textbook prices have increased 17 fold since 1970 for example, a study by The Economist found the only reason for such a hike would suggest price gauging) and making the degree mean a little more. I work with someone who graduated with a physics degree. 3.8 GPA, Physics Bachelor's and she works in Logistics o.O?
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