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Cyclists always talk about where the best place is to ride. As a whole we generally want infrastructure that is suited to our needs and safer. Copenhagen is the mecha of cycling infrastructure, the system in place has made it a haven for cyclists. It's system is so far beyond others because it actively encourages the city's residents to cycle. You may have heard of the bicycling bridgeways and other cycling only paths in Copenhagen. However, this is not the best they have to offer. Their traffic management system known as the "Green Wave" operates at peak traffic times. The traffic signals are timed such that if a cyclist travels at a steady 20km per hour (~12.5mph), they will be able travel through town without hitting a single red light. This also benefits drivers by ensuring the massive swarm of cyclists in the streets moves at about the same pace. What I really wonder about these types of cities is, does the shear number of cyclists come from having good infrastructure, or does the cyclists come first?
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Boy would I love to have this in the US
that is the why i love copenhagen !!!!
I gotta go to copenhagen sometime
That's awesome!