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This post was inspired by the crayon lipstick tutorial posted by @BrittasticBlast. Crayons are really versatile and you can practically use them for art, DIY and apparently makeup. This is an easy gift idea for color and candle lovers. Ready to have fun with crayons? Materials: Dixie Cups Wax Crayons Wicks Votives Popsicle sticks Tools: Microwave A plate stand for propping up Instructions: 1. In a dixie cup, pour a small amount of wax. Then microwave for a minute. Stir and pour a thin layer into the bottom of a votive and place the candle wick in the center. Let harden. 2. Remove crayons from the wrap. 3. Use one crayon per color. Fill the Dixie cups with wax and then top with a broken up crayon. Microwave for two minutes. Stir. Then microwave for another two minutes. 4. Prop your votives (with wicks) on your plate stand and pour in the colored wax. The goal is to create angled layers of color. Let the first layer dry for 20-30 minutes. 5. Turn the votives around, and pour the second layer so you get another angle. Let dry for 20-30 minutes. Place the votive flat on your workspace to pour in the third layer. 6. Let the third layer dry for an hour before lighting up.
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so candyful wax sure lighten up my empty space anytime. thanks creative @alise.
I really like the pattern. Really unique!
The most beautiful candles I have ever seen. No kidding!
so cool!