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Do you want to make an awesome longboarding edit that is sure to get a bunch of views? Cliches are the name of the game. All you need to do is follow a few cliches of the longboarding world and you have a successful edit on your hands.
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@mikerosa92 sweet video. Also, I'm unable to post to the longboarding community. Any idea of how to fix this? The option just doesn't come up when I type it into the "community" bar
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You can learn stuff watching raw runs, but yeah I turn allot of those off before they finish lol @ApolloSkating
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Mine was doing that but my Vingle app updated and it quit @MattLambright
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Hahaha this is hilarious. if you can't pick a song, just use sail by awolnation
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Well done. Narrator nailed the attitude.
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