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This will be the easiest smokey eye tutorial you'll ever encounter. All you need is one color and a lot of blending. 1. Fill your lid with eyeliner. This helps intensify the smokiness and make your shadow stay put longer. 2. Pat a black eyeshadow on top of the liner. 3. Gently drag the color into your cease and blend. Use short upwards stroke motions. 4. With a larger clean blending brush, continue gently blending out the edges, getting rid of the harsh line. 5. Concentrate blending the shadow outwards at the outer corner of your eye and the inner corner (up towards your eyebrow). You can add a bit more shadow to darken. 6. Apply the same black shadow under your waterline, blending downwards. 7. This is the finished blending. 8. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.
Will give this a try. If I don't end up looking like I have a bruised eye I will keep this style. :)
very easy
@stargaze Lol that's totally my problem! I mess up and then I just look like a racoooon!!!