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Idk if doing this instead of posting links is frown upon but idk where is to turn to. but anyways I'm looking for the best single/fixie wheel set I was looking at the Velocity Deep V or the Vuelta Zerolite Track Pro Wheelset. I was wondering what ya use or recommend. that's my bike I'm working on. please and thank you
..... whaaaat?! lol I'll ask around. but thanks man I appreciate your help. I posted this a week ago and didn't think people cared but thanks @jerryblessing
@guillermogarcia I haven't, but it depends on who is making the wheels. some people charge more than others. I wanted to build some up, but it would've came out to about $700 :(
@jerryblessing nice! have you ever had a wheel done? if so how much?
@guillermogarcia ah okay! You can check out Factory5, all of their rims are on sale right now, and they're pretty good quality.
@jerryblessing please responding. I heard about those. I already but some expensive hubs that were $300 but got them $100 there called the se slayers so I'm pretty much have to buy just the rim.
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