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Written for the prompt of @chiaroscuro : .............. I never wanted this day to come. My little daughter is coming to me. When I left her she was just 6 years old, and now she is a beautiful 22 years old young lady. I missed her too much. But never wanted her to come here. It's too early for her. This train is just one way. If you come, you can't leave. I also always wanted her to see these lands, but first she should live her life as she wants. She shouldn't come here so early. And not only me waiting for her. All immigrants are waiting for her. We call ourselves immigrants, because we are not angels. It is impossible to describe them. But, when we compare ourselves with them, we are just immigrants in these lands. Oh my little girl. I wish you could stay and live your life more.
@hikaymm It really is...almost movie sad like "I met my daughter after 16 years at a train station. *flash back movie* followed quickly by *sad ending*...
@timeturnerjones I did not get that!! Heaven? somewhere beyond this world? wow, much more sad in that perspective....
I just realized after reading this a few times.....a train to a place you can never leave. Sad, really....that they had to meet again there.
Wow, this is a bit touching. Fathers will always have regrets for the children they wanted more for. But, sometimes, it is just time.
like just don't understand. were