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Hair Flower Tutorial
You don't need a flower to accessorize your hair because you will be creating one using your own hair. Yes! And it's easier than you think. Here's how you do it: 1. You may start with straight hair or using your natural texture, but soft curls will make this more romantic. 2. Gather all of the hair from the ear forward and brush out to smooth the top to prep for your braid. 3. Create a simple three strand braid aiming the hair in a diagonal (this will help with “bumps” when you create the flower). You could also do a fish tail if you want your flower to look more textured. 4. Roll the braid back up on itself in a clockwise direction. 5. Adjust as needed pulling out sections if you need to to make the “petals” show more. Secure with a few bobby pins. 6. Leave the tail of the braid out at the bottom to add an interesting touch and you're done!
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