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Give your flat ponytail some volume by trying this textured double technique! Tools & Supplies: Dry shampoo Teasing comb 2 hair-ties Hairspray 1. Start by spraying on some dry shampoo or root pump for texture and grip. 2. Give yourself a severe centered part and comb the hair straight away from your part. 3. Loosen the hair from your scalp with your fingertips. 4. Pull the top half of your hair back by starting at your temples and meeting your fingers in the back. 5. Comb the back of the section with your fingertips a bit and tie it back with a hair-tie. Hold the hair-tie with one hand and 6. Tug the hair out a bit with your other hand. 7. Spray the top section with hairspray and move onto the bottom. Pull the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail. 8. Tighten it with two hands, fraying the hair out a bit to make it messy. (9) Wrap a small section of hair around the top ponytail to cover the hair-tie, and you're all done.
This looks so 'Disney Princess' it's not even funny! I love it!
I'm envious if her full long hair. So pretty!
How did she get her hair so long!!! 😍