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Precision Trucks

What are they good for and are they worth the money? If not, what cast trucks do the job?
Here's something everyone should know before purchasing precisions, Precisions are NOT neccisary. IF you don't NEED a step up from cast then don't. I bought precisions after my casts felt dead, even after trying tons of inserts and different pivots etc.
I really want 42 degree cronins
@10murphyj they are but they're super heavy
Yea I heard ronins are really good for DH
to me I think precision are mostly geared toward hard core free riding, and downhill bc of how precise they ride. and they don't bend, now if that's not the case I'd go with atlas for all around if not for downhill I'd go with ronins maybe if you have the cash to dish out, but definitely atlas.
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