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finished my downhill board
earthwing hoopty 32, vicious grip tape, ronin trucks array flat sleaved washers, 94a shr venom bushings, bones ceramics, and 78 a biggies hawgs. What do you think
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wow thanks man I appreciate it
3 years ago·Reply
Dude, im tired of you doing this, you arnt better than everyone else. And just cause someone doesnt ride your favorite brands, doesnt mean its bad. Gosh man spread the stoke, stop killing it @steezus
3 years ago·Reply
To be fair to him@IsaacPaulR he never said he was
3 years ago·Reply
But @steezus you are guilty of coming across as arrogant sometimes like been negative over @jaydenwashabaug when he mentioned about going out n trying to get a sponsor then he went and got one the next day. I'm sure you don't mean to sound like that but you do dude
3 years ago·Reply
And I'll add. This is probs my dream board! :)
3 years ago·Reply