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Paulo Coelho
He is one of my favorites book authors. His books had not only help others emotionally but also inspired them to not give up
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@janmin17 Which of his books are your favorite? I haven't read them all yet and am deciding what to read next!
@hikaymm not so sure... all his books are really good. But one that I always go back to is "The Alquimist" and one that helped me "The Zahir" when I was trying to understand a past relationship
@janmin17 I haven't actually read "The Zahir" before; perhaps I'll pick up there :) thanks! If you have any other book recommendations you should post about them!! I'm always looking for more to read XD
@hikaymm I had read "The 5 love languages" from Gary Chapman. Liked it. Its really good. thanks for the suggestion about recommending books. I'll try to do that. Don't know if I'll be good at it tho 馃槸