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Hey everyone! (bottom one is my eye) okay, so I was inspired by this look to give it a try! I feel like I gave it my own touch, in a way. With this doing a new makeup style everyday I'm not trying to copy the image. I'm trying to be inspired because i used to love doing my makeup! Then you know life happens and idk. I just wanted soemthing I could do again that I used to love doing. If any of that made sense, great. If not oh well! Have a fabulous day everyone!
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i actually think yours looks a lot better
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I agree with @JadeDecker! You should really think about doing tutorials for us :)
3 years ago·Reply
@JadeDecker @galinda Thank you both so much! Also, I will definitely be doing tutorials for you guys in the near future! First though, I want to better my skills (:
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I agree... yours looks even better than the one you did it off of. Beautiful!
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