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Do you have a bunch of paper bag sitting in your cabinet? Repurpose them for storage bins using duct tape. Supplies: Brown paper bags (any size works) Masking tape, duct tape Scissors Instructions: 1. Cut the brown paper bag apart so it lays flat. Cut down one of the sides to open it up and then remove the bottom of the bag and any handles. The length and width of this paper strip will dictate how wide, tall and deep the bag can be. 2. Add a design with tape to the flatten bag. 3. When the design is complete, protect and strengthen the top edge by adding a strip of tape and folding it over. 4. Bring the sides of the paper rectangle together to form a tube and hold it in place with a strip of tape. I found taping both the inside and the outside held the seam together best. 5. Close the bottom of the bag using another strip of tape folded over. 6. To create a bin, push the bottom seam up and in, which will flatten it and form two pointed triangles. With your hand inside the bag, adjust the triangles to shape, width and depth of the bag to your liking. 7. Finish off the bag by taping the triangles in place and reinforcing the bottom.
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Great idea! This would also make a cute trash bin!