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was taking videos for my edit and when I rode down to my camera there were two riders standing next to it watching me ride, so I stopped and talked to them and rode with them a bit, finally met some people I can ride with!!!! oh yea and more good news, I almost got my 360 slides!!!
I need to run into some fellow longboarders.
yea, might try some today but they sketch me out lol
You do switch heel first then to regular toe for your 360s? I do that and I'm pretty damn close to getting them seamless but not quite there yet.
That's awesome man!!! Once you get that slide could you give me some pointers? I've been working on my 360s too. All I can do atm is 180 then big spin switch
Me and @woodonwheels met a grom in our boardshop, told him about Vingle and hoped he would get on. Told him our usernames too, haven't heard from him since. Seemed like a cool guy, id love to skate with him.
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