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My family had always had long, thick, and curly hair. But maintaining it isn't always easy. I kept my hair long and precious using these tricks: 1. Use Aussies deeeeeep conditioner and apply specifically to the ends. This is a great product for those who have bleached hair currently or in the past, and is an overall superhero for damaged hair. Also beneficial for long lasting ends and healthy hair. 2. Take vitamins. I took one-a-day for adults for a long while which really lengthened out my hair and fish oil made it fuller. But all vitamins do help regardless the type; believe it or not. 3. Trim every six months. Just one inch at a time. I know it sounds unlikely but it really keeps your hair healthy at the roots by trimming off dead ends that cause your body to attempt to heal the split hairs. 4. While brushing or combing, go gently and try to to snap and break your hair. Your hair is a fragile part of your body and deserves gentle treatment! 5. When hair is damp after a shower, apply coconut oil or professional oils to your ends to ensure locked in moisture; it helps more than you think! Good luck on your manes, ladies!
I love using Aussie's deep conditioner! My hair smells so coconutty afterwards :)
Thanks for sharing your hair routine! Although the first picture is a bit hard to see, I can tell your hair is healthy! Love the 2nd and 3rd pic.