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Can someone help me out here. I need to figure a way to make easy money to buy longboard stuff and also a place that has decent deals on longboards. I'm only 13
Start selling crystal meth, and call yourself Heisenberg
Like @steezus and @DanielSpazJames said. Chores, now lawns. Another way to work is find someone that has their own business in home renovations or lawn care and work off the book. You get paid in cash, no taxes, you get paid a lot but it's a lot of hard work. You can get a lot of days off depending on weather and such. I got paid three hundred bucks in two weeks for painting a house.
The legal job age in utah is 15 or 16, and even then some businesses won't hire 15 year olds. I'm waiting until I turn 16 to apply at my skate shop.
Shovel snow, mow lawns and chores. At your age that's about all you can do
Chores. Allowance. At your age there are no jobs you can do that would pay as much as your parents, so its best to just wait. You're shit outta luck in the job department man.
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