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Whether it's makeup or face paint, the basic rules apply! -if you're going to be in the sunlight, be sure to apply sunscreen before applying makeup, or buy SPF foundation to protect your beautiful skin! -wash your face thoroughly before putting any cosmetics on your skin, and be sure to moisturize using natural creams or cocoa butter. (Be sure to wash your face every morning and night for a clean finish!) -less is always more and go light on aggravated pimples because concealer can agitate it even further and create more painful acne to appear. -read ingredients carefully when purchasing makeup or paint. Often certain makeups will get logged in your pours and stay there which furthermore clogs pours causing acne. -feel free to express yourself, makeup has no level of creativity. Though you may not be perfect at it, practice makes perfect. As long as you feel beautiful, that's all that matters.