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Longboarding Videogame
Waiting for someone to create a video game similar to Forza, except its all about longboarding. Like you could have as many longboards as you want from all sorts of brands, and change the wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. on all of them. And you could do different sorts of challenges whether its downhilling, freeriding, dancing, or anything else. And the better you do at the challenges the better you could make your longboard set up.
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That is more likely I say in the next one. they could easily add skateboards and longboards.
as an aspiring developer what you are describing would be a full blown tripple a title wich would take at least 2to3 years to make but maybe when i finish college (in 4 yrs) i might make a just downhill game would be cool to mess around with but dont get your hopes up cus shits hard yo