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So, I just started watching this drama. I haven't even finished the first episode XD But so far it's so good! I have never been so pissed off at a drama lol Has anyone seen this drama? Does it keep it's charm? I hope it doesn't have a terrible ending! <3 What kdrama really struck a nerve? Gotten you so angry that you had to calm yourself down? Lol
girls don't ruin the end.I'll be finish this drama next weekend. .
is almost done, I love it.
I started this drama 2 weeks ago it's really great drama waiting to ep 20 to finish
to calm myself down i watch her interview she was so funny cute sweet and friendly so different then her role but definitely love her acting for her character she was perfect for the role
the girl in nice guy (innocent man) i hated her and was soo mad at her lol
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