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so after a few weeks of riding the beer can oat soda 35 I started to notice the things that bother me. the track system for the board is weird and makes the trucks move a bit because the books they give you are smaller then the holes in to l the trucks so it gives it a little wiggle and then the track system fur the trucks don't fully seal so there's more wiggle which makes it Fucking loud as Hell. and going any more then 20 miles is a little sketchy. and for free style it kinda sucks it's really heavy and when the corners get scratched up and keeps cutting up my fingers cause the metal gets all jagged. so I'd rate this board a 3/10 for free style 6/10 for pushing. 6/10 fur Down hill 8/10 fur free ride only really good for light down hill and free riding A cool thing about beer can is I can trade it in for a different board for around 60 bucks so I'm going to and get the drop threw 42 version so I don't have to deal with the track system so that will hopefully trade care of the wiggle . I'm also getting new trucks for it I had Paris v1 I'm getting caliber II so I can take it at bigger speeds.
These boards are kind of mythical to the longboard community. Something everbody knows about and would like to try, but no one wants to actually invest money in one because they're so shrouded in a veil of mystery. Thanks for sh(r)edding some light on them, you answered some of my questions
@JoshSmith thanks now I'm not interested In it. @ThtYoungElwoodJ lol. Shredding some light.
@ThtYoungElwoodJ no problem I love it for free riding and down hill I'm just trying to get rid if the wiggle
beer can oat soda sounds weird anyway lol
Welp you put the bags of nope on the nope boat and set sail for fuck nope island for the beercan boards.