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I ordered trucks, and it said it got to me within 3 days (seller didn't give me tracking # until now), but I never got it. It's upsetting. I checked the tracking, and it said it was delivered 12/23. I don't think Fedex even rang my doorbell because I was home that day! I wish I can do something about it (like check with my neighbs), but I'm in Texas, and I think too much time passed by. If my package got stolen, I hope that person gets bad juju.
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Double check the address you put on the order and ask the neighbors maybe if they saw it.
Damn :/
too bad
@AlainCasimiro did you get your wheels yet?
@mpoblete hahaha sad but haven't got it. xD I'm hoping it's on the way. I guess it's here on the Phil.but got troubles with "port congestion" jeezzzz