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~It is possible to be in a relationship and not be in love & I would not call that being a player or whatever. . . That's just being at a stage where the two people are selecting whether it is the right one or not. . . Sometimes people believe that love can develop as they go through things, but sometimes things don't really work out that way ^-^ And when things don't work out as expected, one tend to withdrawl and the other tend to put more pressure on the already-withdrawl-self which then can lead to an end of the two people. Ending is not always the 'End of the world'. . . Sometimes it is the best option for the two people that's suffering in one. No one deserve to be suffering when both can find a happier place ^_^ Ending things may sound sad but then you will soon realize that it was the best thing that had happened :D ~Yes, I agree that no ending is ever a happy ending. . . You will for sure have to go through a long process of broken hearted 'if' you are the obsessive one in the relatonship. . . But just like Likin Park(the band) says, "At the end, It doesn't even matter..." ~My point is, There is no one to blame when it comes to an end of a relationship... It just a matter of the unconnected connections between the two people~ If they worked out the problems then that's great...If not then there is nothing you can do but to move on and search for the better you. And start another fresh chapter of your life routine :D ~Life is about happiness. . . Not lingering into things that have already walked away from you~ Good luck to all while searching for your own happiness.
Great point! It's so hard to remember in the darkness at the end of a time with someone you loved (in some way) and devoted time to, but in the end, it does work out. No reason to regret the time, but to use it to find something new like you said :)
Thank you & I agreed!