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My first time doing blue nails. i think they turned out great! Step 1. Find 2 colors that are of the same color but different shades. The ones I used, lighter color, Ocean View, and for the darker, Cobalt. Step 2. Paint a base coat on first. Paint nails in the lighter color. Two coats for the brand I used. Painting the ring finger the darker color is for you to decide, three coats of the same brand for the darker one. Step 3. Let dry all the way, I learned that the hard way, and place tape on the tip of your nail. You can shape the way the tip will come out by manipulating the tape. Step 4. Paint the tips the darker shade and peal off the tape. Tweezers do help on taking the tape off. Step 5. Use a style tip brush and make a fine line of white just below the dark color. Take a black style tip, and make a thin strip in between the cobalt and the white. Step 6. Cut some tape in a strait lines (4) and place onto ring finger vertically with the desired amount of space, and paint over the strip with the lighter color. Step 7. Take white tip and make 2 thin stipes, so one is on either side of the Ocean View color. take black tip and make 2 thin strips on either side on each white strip = 4 black in total. Step 8. Paint on a top coat, let dry and enjoy! (If you want shine it up, take a glitter style tip and make a strip over the white and black.) I hope you like this tutorial, it's the first one I have ever made. Let me know if the instructions where okay. And I hope you have as much fun as I did doing this!
i love it thanks for sharing it :-)
not sailor nails thats for sure one no sailor can wear these nails two this has nothing to do with sailors at all
To what would you duggest??
You should change that name