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Oreos and Kit Kat Cake! Ingredients A double layered cake that is iced with chocolate decorators icing. several King size Kit Kats (you will need more or less depending on the circumference of your cake. I used around 10 for a 14 in cake) 1 Box Malt Balls 1 Box Chocolate stuffed Oreos Instructions To decorate you will place the malt balls around the bottom edge on the sides first. Then place the Kit Kats on top of that (Not all Cakes bake the same height so you may not end up needing the malt balls for height) Next... use some chocolate decorators icing to make small swirls on the top of the cake where the Oreo's will go. I used a large star tip for this. I started my swirls with one swirl in the middle and added more swirls in a circle around the middle swirl. Then just repeat until you work yourself to the edge. If you are using a smaller cake size you will not need as many Oreo's and swirls. Place an Oreo on top of each swirl. Enjoy!