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Happy Saturday! :) January 10, 2015 Write out the high intensity thought process of two life long enemies finally facing each other in the final showdown. Their thoughts go wild, but no one ever says a word.
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@timeturnerjones "Hello, Mother." I wish I were kidding lol, but seriously I wanted to end it with something that would totally switch the feeling of two enemies, and make it suddenly much, much harder to feel hate for one of the characters (because when they're parent/child, the emotion suddenly changes)
@hikaymm Oh wow lol. @chiaroscuro What do you think of that? lol
@timeturnerjones @hikaymm I am literally stunned. Thank you for putting those two words in. I feel like that would make such a stunning first chapter to a book and just, that's great.
@chiaroscuro @hikaymm Totally agree! It's like a shocking revelation of what you thought was going to be some kind of like...turf war but then it's actually a familial feud on top of it all. Really cool idea!