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The context to this comment, was a post involving a kid who was on a "very busy downhill road" who didn't have a helmet on and cracked his head open. /u/ducttapejedi said: "I get angry when I see people complaining about helmets. When you don't wear a helmet not only are you risking your own brains, you are risking the goodwill of the communities whose hills you skate. You are risking the acceptance of the neighborhoods and local law enforcement. These are things that others have likely worked very hard to build and cultivate over many years. Failing to wear a helmet is not only dangerous and stupid but it is inconsiderate to your fellow skaters and gives us all a bad name. I refuse to skate or do anything more than cruise around with skaters who wont wear helmets. In a few cases I've called the cops on fellow longboarders I've seen at the hills I frequent who refuse to wear helmets. Wear a helmet or stay the fuck off a longboard because sooner or later you will hurt yourself and make it worse for everone else who rides a longboard and enjoys the sport. /rant When I first started skateboarding I didn't wear a helmet. Not even a week after buying my first longboard, on my way to class, I had a nasty crash. I was skating along a sidewalk coming to a crosswalk. A large SUV pulls into the cross walk blocking my path. No big deal, I'll go in between this lamp post and the wall to my left and just go around the back of the vehicle. I didn't realize that the lamp post was wider at the base. My wheels clipped the lamp post and I went flying. Being top heavy from the textbooks and other school supplies in my backpack I landed on my face and shattered my front teeth. I bought a helmet the next day and have never set foot on a longboard since without hearing a helmet. Those helmets have saved my life at least 6 times over in the 9 years I've been skating since."
Yeah yeah I'm a helmet nazi I don't give a damn
I advocate wearing helmets, especially for younger riders. My first 10 years of riding or so my friends and I stupidly never wore helmets, but at a certain point I feel you know what your skill level is and what you are comfortable doing without a helmet. I'm certainly not going to call the cops on people who don't have helmets on. Just like I'm not going to tell Sergio Yuppie he needs a helmet, that dude has some much experience that I don't think he is going to fall.
I do advocate wearing a helmet but stupidly I myself don't wear one. I now what I'm risking and I take the extra precautionary steps to keep myself safe and those I'm with safe. I am always watching the road ahead and behind. Keeping a safe controllable speed. I am extra aware when I'm doing freeride and slides. And I have not Dione much downhill so I have not been in danger of any high speed collisions.
PSA of the century!
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