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Sorry if this video has been posted before, but I'm posting it again lol. Its kinda old, but my cousin is the guy in the yellow full face. He's also in sector 9s video from Angie's curves this year, and I just think that's awesome haha. He's why I started longboarding so its pretty cool to me how into it he is.
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Right? Its like truly beautiful mannn @deadmen0205
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How long has he been boarding?
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Hes been boarding for about 5 years now? Idk something like that. Maybe less haha he lived in Texas, then moved out to Arkansas when he graduated, went to college for one semester, then left and moved to Santa Barbara to skate and now he's sponsored and races and all that good stuff haha @DanielSpazJames
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Dang this is an awesome video!!
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