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This is the last instalment of my crazy feels list. It wasnt easy and I had to leave so many songs out... But anyway here we go It's not all Kpop 1. My Tears - Angela Zhang My sister @jiggzy19 showed me this and I've been absolutely hooked ever since ^^ 2. Tears - LeeSSang feat. Eugene One of the earliest Kpop songs I ever heard, I immediately fell in love with this, the entire song is amazing in every way!!!! 3. Paradise - DIA This song is by one of the former members of Kiss&Cry I wish they had stayed together and not disbanded, still at least some of them are still doing awesome music like this :) 4. Sea of Moonlight - Fiestar feat. IU I love IU, and I love Fiestar, so of course I'm going to love this collaboration, it's so happy and fun!!! 5. You & I - Park Bom I'm glad YG has given Park Bom a couple of solo songs, cause it means we get awesome songs like this!!! 6. Don't Cry - Park Bom I'm not sure if anyone else ever noticed how this is kind of the continuation of "You & I" I love this song so much!!! 7. Touch My Body - Sistar This song screams summer, well at least it does to me, I love it so much, it always makes me feel crazily happy ^^ 8. Light Me Up/ Light Up the Darkness - VIXX Not sure which is the correct translation of this song title, but anyway this song is so cool, and Ravi's rap is just perfect!!! 9. Masayume Chasing - BoA It's BoA!!! What more needs to be said XD 10. Falling in Love - 2NE1 Although I could literally have chosen any 2NE1 song for this list, cause they all give me feels like crazy, I thought I would share this one cause it was the first one that came to mind :) Well there you have my list, I already feel bad for all the songs I left out, but oh well I had to stop somewhere XD Sorry if the videos don't play, you might have to look them up yourselves :) full credit to the owners of these videos @jiggzy19
Boa and vixx the only songs I know in this list thanks for the new songs I know from ur list
@MattK95 the first song I love it wow thanks for sharing it :)
@christy your welcome I hope you enjoy them :)
@sherrysahar your welcome, I'm glad you liked it :)
i love falling in love by 2ne1 :) <3
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