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I got some stuff for my brother so he can start to learn how to slide . I wasn't sure how the R.A.D wheels were going to turn out but we wanted to ride something we haven't tried out before . They are pretty good so far. Also got him so new bearings for his wheels and a helmet . And who could forget ! Nice brand new pair of sector 9 sliding gloves !
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brother love!!
Im jealous of that Bern and how are them gloves?
review them wheels
@stevelee772 Yea dude , that helmet makes me actually think they are pretty cool haha and the gloves are alright . I only got to test it out for a bit because my brother had to go to work . @ericdavis I'll Get those reviews once I go to his house again
@shanker666 Burns are nice and they're real hard hats so theyre actually worth wearing.