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Once I was dating a guy. . . It was before halloween when he told me that he was meeting his girl bestfriend over at another state. I was insecure so I refused to let him go. He wasn't going to change his mind meeting her. . . but instead he said, 'Babe, just trust me." Until today I trusted him :) Sadly, he had broken up with me a month after he told me to trust him.
@Pluvia2015 You did the right thing by trusting him, sadly he was just a sucky guy. We must trust those we are willing to date. if we cant, theyre bad people/not right for us so we should move on! Good luck to you now~
Hehe~ Thank you :D As of right now, I am only trying to focus on myself... and I think I happier now than when I was in a relationship :D
Yes, I couldn't agree more :D I have learned it the harder way I guess.