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This takes time, do the night before you want the style, just a warning. (Sorry for the lack of pictures.) Step 1. Start with towel dry hair, and seperate an inch from the base of your head, clipping the rest up. Step 2. Braid seperated hair into small braids, and tie off Step 3. Once that row is braided, un-clip hair and seperate, clip up, and repeat! (depending on how thick your hair is you'll get 30 tp 60 braids. I had around 65-70 braids.) Step 4. You can tie your hair up, or leave it down, but head to bed and enjoy some sleep! (Or do the easy version and blow dry braids on low till completely dry, about 2 hours if you have thick hair.) Step 5. Wake up, and take out braids. Start from bottom of head. It makes it easier to locate the braids. Make sure to get all of your braids out, (It's so embarising when someone finds one random braid in your hair.) WARNING! DON'T BRUSH HAIR!!! It makes it way too fluffy!! Step 6. Brab a ascot, head band, or scarf, sweep bangs back with the head band so they swoosh, tie the scarf and you're done! Extra! Step 7. At the end of the night before you go to bed, brush out hair, sleep on it, and in the morning tie it back again, and you have a two day hair style. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Let me know if you like it, and any tips on how you did things differently! Have fun!
Cute! I love the bandana in your hair too :)
Thumbs up for no-heat hair!
I love looks that just require sleeping with your hair in braids - its so easy! This looks a lot of natural and soft than if you had used a real crimper with heat :) Thanks for the tutorial!!