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A pair of cute flat is a must for every lady. Since February is up and around the corner, here's a DIY you can possible make use of for Valentine's day. It'll give a romantic touch to any outfit. :) Materials: - pointed flats - metallic spray paint - 2 sheets of sticker paper - tracing paper - pen - scissors - tape Instructions: 1. Take a sheet of tracing paper and wrap it around the from tip of the shoe. Tape in place. Then, draw a heart shape. Repeat and mirror for the other shoe. 2. Untape the tracing paper. Cut out the heart shape. Use the cut out as a guide, and trace this shape onto the sticker paper. Then, cut out. Repeat for the other shoe. 3. After cutting out the heart shape, stick onto the tip of shoe (as photoed). Make sure it is thoroughly stuck on. Repeat for other shoe. 4. Spray paint the heart in a well ventilated area. 5. Let fully dry, then remove the sticker paper.
This would look super romantic with a dusty pink chiffon or lace dress.
I'mma do this
What a lovely pair of flats! It doesn't look handmade at all.