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Tired of the basic three-strand braid? Shake it up with this ridiculously easy and fast snake braid. Get it done in 5 minutes or less! To begin, part hair to your favorite (left or right skewed) side. Then follow the instructions below: 1. Grab a large diagonal section of hair behind your ear. 2. Split it into three equal sections. (Optional: grab a dime of pomade and smooth out each section). Then begin the three strand braiding. Make sure it's not too tight. 3. Leave one to two inches where you stop the braid. 4. Take two of the sections and combine them to make one larger section (you will now only have two sections, one small and one large). 5. Take the smaller section and carefully slide it up the braid. 6. Keep sliding the smaller section up to the top of the braid. 7. Now slide the section back down to create a looser “s” pattern braid. 8. Wrap the snake braid around the back of your head and pin in place. Spray with a medium hold hairspray to add extra hold and tame any flyaways.
I've totally never heard of this braid before. It looks gorgeous!
@treyanah was this the braid you did!? I love this look! I feel like it will take a lot of practice for me though lol
I think I'll need a few deep conditions before my hair will be ready for this, but it looks great!
@galinda yes it was! I thought it would too, but you just have to braid it simple and then pull the other two pieces of hair upward
The model's hair is so sleek and smooth it makes sense sliding it would be easy. I might have to use pomade to smooth my hair out before trying this style
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