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Daily Dose of Writing
Today's prompt will be a little interesting. It's something that I've always found fun to do myself and I hope you enjoy writing it too. January 11, 2015 Write a scene of a family in their home at the moment an earthquake strikes. The twist is that this must all be told from the perspective of a 4 year old child.
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@hikaymm I think @chiaroscuro is so right! There are no restrictions--many 4yr olds have a tendency to just say what they mean. But what about a more shy child? How would they share this? Are we in their minds or are they telling the story to someone else. You'd surely get two very different narratives.
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Let's do it from the point of view of a 4 yr old, and then from an 80 yr old, and then compare!
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@chiaroscuro I'm not sure how I'd handle a small child! I'd definitely have to go hang out with more kids to see how to do this, and also think about the point of are we in their minds or are they telling the story to someone you said it would totally change things!! @greggr Let's not make this too complex :P
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@hikaymm OK, ok. I'll reign it in!
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