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a lot of us knows kpop.. and me, i love it and at my age, it's funny how i know almost, not all, but almost all kpop groups.. this card made me laugh coz it is so true but nevertheless, i still sing those kpop songs...^^
not a huge k pop lover.. but i humm my fav ost!
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hell yeah, i only probably no, srange he and yes and no and the basics really :D
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i do this alot and thats what help me to sing it right and improve my korean too
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I don't know how to speak korean, so this is ALL I do for kpop songs. I butcher them because I love them...
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@iyang.. lol, don't worry, you're not alone!! @reyam, yeah, you're right that's how we improve.. i heard about you from neaa...^^ we haven't talked yet... so hi..^^
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