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anyone here have any experience with garage sessions what are your opinions on em ?
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They're fun till you almost hit a car
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Go at night or weekends, if it's in use you're very very likely to hit a car. Skate them all one night and find out where the security guards are at. Find one with an elevator! Then even if security is after you, you can skate a few floors, ride the elevator/stairs up a few stories and get behind the descending guards that THINK they're on your tail! I don't always ride to the bottom, I change it up. They can't figure it out bahahaha!!!!!!!
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If you live in a big city be careful, sometimes real cops work the garages at night and they're usually dicks. Not all cops are dicks, but to be a cop in a parking garage you have to fuck up on the force big time (lol) so they're usually depressed, miserable and willing to attest a skateboarder for trespassing because they're bored. So mess with the guards, not the cops!
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i live in belgium and it is very rare that there are securityguards or police at parkings we kinda dont give a shit XD
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@jensbroddin hells yeah! We have a lot of problems here in America lol
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