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This hair dye is amazing. It's the Black Blue color from Age Beautiful hair color line! You can purchase this at Sally's. 😊 You will need the dye and developer!
galinda- Ion Developer is amazing. This dye is Age Beautiful, which is the developer brand as well (: kristenadams- This a permanent dye but Sally's has a bunch of semi, demi, and temporary dyes to choice from!
I'm a cosmetologist, the volume of developer to use is determined by your hair color and time (example if your hair is blonde and you want to go to a dark brown and only have two hours to do it in i would use a 20 or 30 volume possibly even a 40v) it is preferred to stick with the same brand of color and developer.
Is it permanent or semi? Looks good!
Do you use a specific kind of developer? I always use whatever they have (usually at Sally's) but I've been told you're supposed to try to use the same developer every time.