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This hair dye is amazing. It's the Black Blue color from Age Beautiful hair color line! You can purchase this at Sally's. 😊 You will need the dye and developer!
Do you use a specific kind of developer? I always use whatever they have (usually at Sally's) but I've been told you're supposed to try to use the same developer every time.
Is it permanent or semi? Looks good!
galinda- Ion Developer is amazing. This dye is Age Beautiful, which is the developer brand as well (: kristenadams- This a permanent dye but Sally's has a bunch of semi, demi, and temporary dyes to choice from!
I'm a cosmetologist, the volume of developer to use is determined by your hair color and time (example if your hair is blonde and you want to go to a dark brown and only have two hours to do it in i would use a 20 or 30 volume possibly even a 40v) it is preferred to stick with the same brand of color and developer.