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This makeup is super easy and super quick and perfect for any costume/makeup party or you feel like doing something a little different. Before school let out for break, my friend came to school with her face made up like a fawn and she told me to do it with her. of course, with it being early and not awake enough to function, I did it once I was more awake... at school before the morning bell rang. What you need: -eyeshadow (a shade or two darker than your skin tone) or a light bronzer -black *liquid* eyeliner -black eyeshadow (optional) -white eyeliner or face paint -mascara Step one: brush on your shadow or bronzer. Apply on the cheeks, across the nose, jaw, and near the temple. Step two: use your eyeliner on your nose and top lip. (if you choose to use eyeshadow, pat it over the liner to create a matte look) Step three: apply eyeliner on your eyes however you fancy. (tip: using white liner on your waterline makes your eyes appear bigger) and pile on mascara to make your eyes pop a bit more and have those long doe lashes Step four: use your white liner or face paint to create the white spots where ever and however you please Step five: done Enjoy!
I have no idea why I would need to do this, but just in case. Now I know how!!!
White eyeliner is such a good piece of make up to have - I use it so much more than I ever thought I would!
Ha! I actually really love this? I would have never thought to use eyeliner on my lips!
What the hell this is AWESOME! The spots are adorable! I love that the first pic you took is in a forest, so appropriate! Where did you/your friend get the inspiration for this?
Same here. it's so good to have around. @sophiamor
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