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Meet your new best friend, the supported savasana. This pose will bring you to complete relaxation and only requires a few "props" Under the legs, it's best to use a bolster. To save money, try using a few large blankets rolled up. The trick is to use the thickest blankets you have (towels would work well, too) and make sure your legs can rest on them while keeping the feet planted on the mat. To take any strain of the low back, tilt the pelvis so the back is pressed into the mat. Underneath the shoulders, try rolling a thick blanket for a little support. Use an eye pillow over the eyes. Many people prefer something that is a bit heavy because the weight will help to ensure it stays put. My final tip is to dress in layers to stay cozy! Lay in this position for as long as you need, and relax.
Google images for "supported savasana" is a hilarious place...
This position relax the back alot
I will be trying this out right before bed!
Hello new best friend!
Would it be bad if I slept in this position the whole night?
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