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Mint is an amazing herb for so many reasons! Here are just a few to remind you why mint needs to be in your diet: 1. Digestion: Mint soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation. When you feel sick to your stomach, drinking a cup of mint tea can give you relief. 2. Nausea & Headache: The strong aroma of mint is a quick and effective remedy for nausea! It also takes care of the temperature rise that is often associated with headaches and migraines. 3. Skin Care and Pimples: Mint soothes skin, and helps to cure infections and itchiness, as well as being a good way to reduce pimples, and it can even relieve some of the symptoms of acne! Try these recipes out! - Watermelon + Mint - Orange, Lemon, + Lime - Lime, Kiwi, + Strawberry - Strawberry, Mint, + Lemon
Oh my goodness I loved doing this stuff. The only way I drink water is with tea or like this and I definitely needed it.
I will definately give it a go
ive always wanted to try this
I hate mint, so I'm not sure these are for me :(
same here @creepyzee, the infused water ideas collection on here is great!
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