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As we come to that momentary pause in our life, we look at how much time goes by during that second. As we look at what the time offers us we are all obliged to greet it with a smile and a warm hug. Even if it kills us inside. I want to do everything in my heart and body can offer, even if the blood in my veins grew thick and time stopped frequently. Promise me, because in the end what does time have to offer but unnecessary heartbreak that we all can recover from. Because time is our friend and time is our enemy. Our days may be numbered, but the time spent with you is endless. How many times do the words, "I love you," in that order, have to be repeated, so that way you remember the warm feeling it sent down my own spine, will resuscitate the now dead feelings i long for. Time is meaningless as i grow older, but time is everything as i see all of us grow together and spend every moment of it with YOU. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO MAKE AMENDS SO THAT I CAN SURVIVE ANOTHER DAY?! HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT TAKE TO HEAL A BROKEN LIMB OR AN OPEN WOUND WHEN YOU WORRY ABOUT OTHERS HAPPINESS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT MATTERS TO YOU MOST WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND HAVE TO SEE THEM EVERYDAY KNOWING THAT IT IS NOT ALL FINE. I spend most of my time worrying about those who mean the most to me that i could care less to what happens to me. Time has offered me great people that will care for me more than i can care for myself, and i spend all that time trying to give back because it is what they deserve. Please give me strength to get through another day knowing she doesn't know who i am. knowing the love we had is long gone along with the memories of who i am. Memory impairment is a nightmare to someone who is looking for time to do it all. Take a second.
you see, i've always imagined it as a raised voice, more than just plain old words. Using stronger words wouldn't have been bad, but it's not who i am. sure intellect plays a big part in my life but at the same time so does the little kid dwelling inside.
@Voltron15 Thank you for the answer-I can see that in your work. We all have moments where we revert to childish enthusiasm, anger, jealousy, you name it: it's there.
I love the slow start, build up, and slow back down. The last few lines really had me thinking, and pausing, especially the final line: "Take a second."
The use of caps lock for such a large portion of the piece is an interesting choice. Can I ask what made you choose caps lock instead of only using stronger language? @Voltron15