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The age of Luck? It seems like that is what it is shaping up to be. It was almost unthinkable to be talking about the Broncos losing at home to a team as flawed as the Colts. Yes, Manning may be a bit too old now and maybe he is hurt, but.... he is PEYTON! These are the Broncos! The same team that sent 9 players to the All Pro team. So how did this happen? Luck. Andrew Luck has been anointed the next great QB. And I thought that was too premature. He hasn't really won much, and he has choked in pressure games. There have been a lot of great regular season quarterbacks, such as Brees, Romo, and even Rivers, but they were never anointed as the next great thing. Why? They failed to carry their teams in the playoffs. Brees won once, and he still wasn't seriously considered the top guy. Manning was always a great one, who would never really be the great one unless he led his team to championships. Considering that Luck had choked in his past 2 playoffs (the Colts won in spite of him), it was definitely too much to call him the next great one.... But this game has proven my doubts wrong. Luck took a flawed Colts team (one with an ailing O-line) into Denver and took out a star-studded team. He took the great Peyton. The era of Luck? That is basically what will happen if Luck is able to lead his team past the Patriots in Foxborough.
@dukes1 u think patriots going to take down the colts? I think so but Luck may be on one of those magical runs that QBs sometimes have... ala Eli Manning a few years back... Im guessing you remember that lol
@goyo my son's a patriots fan so we went to the game to see who's ass his teams got to kick next week lol
@goyo I went to the game and watched it n denver yesterday.. colts deserved that win in every aspect.. was kinda cool watching the fans walk out of the stadium hanging their heads and cussing out manning ha.. nationwide is on his side bur the fans were walking out on him w 4 minutes left the game ha.
Luck has been quietly guiding his overachieving team all year. This was not as much of a surprise as you may think @goyo