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WHY: I don't think you need a reason to take a relaxing bath (you deserve it!) but I'll give you a list :) - Ease stress and improves sleep - Help muscles function properly - Help prevent blood clots - Reduce inflammation to relieve pain - Improve oxygen use - Flush out toxins - Improve absorption of nutrients - Help prevent or ease migraine headaches HOW: Now that you're ready for complete relaxation: 1. Add 5-10 drops essential oil (I love lavender) to 2 cups epsom salt, then add to a standard tub full of water. 2. Ideally, you want the water quite hot as we are looking to create a nice sweat. 3. Immerse yourself in the water, all the way up to your neck. Close your eyes and soak for at least 20 minutes. 4. Once you are done soaking, rise out of the tub very slowly and cautiously. You may feel a little dizzy and light-headed, this will go away as you shower off quickly in cool water. 5. Once dry you can apply a natural moisturizer like body butter, shea butter or coconut oil. 6. Do not eat immediately before or after taking a detox bath. Instead hydrate yourself with filtered water before and after. 7. Allow time after your bath to rest and rejuvenate.
Light a few candles, put on some relaxing music, sounds like the best way to spend an evening!
You can add 1/2 cup of oatmeal to the bath too.
I love epsom salt baths especially when I know my muscles are going to be sore the next day.
@SamanthaRose That does amaaaazing things for your skin! I love adding oatmeal in :)
@galinda I always took baths right after basketball practice to avoid all that muscle pain!